Sunday, 30 September 2012

The Human Soul

 The Human Soul is a 11"x14" oil painting on canvass showing the green heart as the happy soul and the red soul as sad or challenging state. When there is more positive over negative forces like the food harvests from the forests and lands, the presence of bountiful water after rain from the thunders and cloudy rains and the sun's energies represented by the white, mustard and blue radiations; the soul is happy to learn from the battles of evil and good, from the daily survival struggles. The migrating birds are the happy states representing responsible human freedoms of expressiuons, freedom of speech, freedom in the pursuit of happiness thru inner strenght by the applications of Faith, hope and Love. Date is 02.04.2010. Price: $ 1.00 as a starting bid and ownership transfer goes to the highest bidder.

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