Sunday, 30 September 2012

Expanding Galaxies

Expanding Galaxies is a 30"x1 1/2"x30" oil painting on canvass portraying three suns in three Universes symbolising The Holy Trinity, God The Fatherr, Jesus Christ as God The Son and The Holy Spirit as God The Holy Spirit who are three God Beings and as One God in the mystical Holy Trinity that only God understand because He is all Perfect while all persons are imperfect, limited and contradictory. This is the original verson. The other revised version( to come later) with final touches covers the two figures with the Eternal Kingdom of God. The black and red heart shape are the physical coverings of one Universe that is expanding to make infinite galaxies, universes, blackholes, energies, stars and planets. Price: $1.00 as a startng bid and transfer of ownership goes to the highest bidder.

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