Sunday, 30 September 2012

Bottomless Mercy

Bottomless Mercy is a 20"x16" oil painting over canvass portraying the spiritual dialogues between any and all sincere repentant sinners at all times at all places thru personal free choices of Faith, Hope and Love. Date is 03.30.2011. Artist is Federico Cacnio Jr.. Price: $1.00 as a starting bid. Ownership transfer goes to the highest bidder.

Bottomless Mercy comes along with forgiveness and love. Jesus Christ is the author of Bottomless Mercy thru His Cross and Resurrection and present Eternal Reign with God the Father and God the Holy Spirit as The Holy Trinity. As the Absolute Truth and mystical reality, The Holy Trinity is the author of all creations, all Goodness, All Universes, all energies, all Love, all Humanity who are free to choose to obey or to rebell, to do God's Will on earth as in Heaven or follow individual greed and vanity that fall into sin and death. As The Supreme Humble Being, Jesus Christ chose to be born 2,012 years ago in Nazareth,Galilli thru Divine Conception by The Holy Spirit on The Virgin Mary with St. Joseph as His earthy father. As a carpenter and as a miracle worker and Xavior of the world thru His Divine Love offering of Cross and Resurrection, He conquers all sins and all deaths by opening the gates of salvation to all repentant sinners at all places and at all times thru The Holy Trinity.

Notwithstanding the fact that all persons are imperfect, contradictory, limited and sinful who cannot prove The Holy Trinity who is Eternally Perfect, Holy, Creator of All, Divine, Loving, Powerful, Knowing, Forgiving, Merciful and all virtous; The Holy Trinity gives Jesus Christ as the source of Redemption from our own deadly sins. Thru His Divine Graces, we are empowered to apply inner strength in all situations of life and death, in sickness or in health, in pain or in joy, in wealth or in poverty. It works by personal reliance on the freedom to choose Jesus Christ as our Xavior where we voluntarily learn from Faith, Hope and Love.

Faith is trust on God and on Humanity. Hope is optimism that shares the energies of Eternal Life with Jesus Christ in the midst of the sins, destructions, wars, poverty, ignorance, fear , hate, arrogance, evil, injustice, loneliness, lies, illusions, addictions of the world. Love is caring, respecting,serving others as oneself and loving God above all because The Holy Trinity is All Loving.

Bottomless Mercy is where Jesus Christ converses with all repentant sinners. He says "Be still, feel my Divine Love." I am the Bottomless Mercy, Love and Forgiveness! Open Your hearts and souls to me. I share my Eternal Life to all persons who apply good Faith, Hope and Love. All Goodness comes from me, one with The Father and The Holy Spirit ! Believe, Repent and do my Will on earth as in Heaven as I do my Father's will. Your good spirits come from me and is with me since the creation of Humanity. Do not doubt nor be afraid. I am with you at all times and all situations." Our personal and community response is, "We do open our souls to you. We are nothing without you because of our wrongful addictive sinful ways. Always show the ways thru the advocacy of the Holy Spirit the path or key to salvation is reliance on Your Divine Graces that empower us to carry our individual crosses of vanity, greed, limitations, evil, hatred, wars, arrogance, fears, poverty, losses, immaturities, lies, illusions, half truths, harmful addictions to nicotine and illegal drugs, alcohol, irresponsible sex, temporal material powers and satisfactions that are ending, wars, genocides, assaults, murders, recklessness, destructions.

The sun and the moon, the blazing red sun radiation, the personal cross with key to our heart and soul is the background of the Eternal Jesus Christ. 

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