Saturday, 6 October 2012


Freedom is a 28"x22" oil painting on canvass showing the $150 Can Million purple, browm, black hair and the smiling face of a young lady who practices Freedom of Expression, Freedom of Religion, Freedom of Speech, Freedom to pursue Happiness by the inner strenght of Faith, Hope and Love. Faith is trust in God and in Humanity. Hope is optimism inspite of overwhelming odds and negativisms of wars, hate, injustice, ignorance, violence, fear, destructions, poverty, sickness, diseases, destructive greed and vanity, harmful addictions to nicotine, alcohol, excessive food, irresponsible sex, misadventures, stubbornness, legal and moral transgressions. Hope empowers one to have brighter visions and actions. Love is Truth, forgiveness, mercy to others and to oneself, honor, duties, courage, wisdom, giving more to others than taking, sacrifices, duties. Freedom comes thru the Divine Graces of God. Freedom empowers one to do God's Will on earth as in Heaven by learning from the daily struggles and challenges of survival, from the battles of good and evil and by choosing to outgrow one's bad and weak habits.Dated 09.01.2012 by Federico Cacnio.

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