Friday, 5 October 2012

Divine Loving Look of Jesus Christ, the Eternal Life

Divine Loving look of Jesus Christ, the Eternal Life is the 24 1/2"x31 3/4"x2" oil painting on canvass as the final touched up painting with the $Can 200 million healing Divine Loving Look open to all sincere humble repentant sinners at all places for all times by the powers of the Holy Spirit. God in the Holy Trinity wants to save all persons and share His Eternal Life and joy because He is the creator of all persons. Notwithstanding the fact that all persons are limited, imperfect, contradictory and sinful, each person may freely choose to rely on the Divine Graces of Jesus Christ to strenthen our inner soul. By His Cross and Resurrection, we are empower to overcome our personal sins, weaknesses and overcome our individual slaveries to nicotine, excessive food and alcohol, to illegal harmful drugs, to irresposible sex, to destructive wars, slanders, abuses, murders, assaults, genocides, to destructive vanity and greed, to any and to all illegal and immoral acts, to sickness and death. It works by our goodwill, good Faith, Hope and Love. Faith is trust on God and on Humanity. Hope is optimism that overcomes the daily struggles and evil and unjust challenges of daily living that makes possible the sharing of Eternal Life with God when we become Holy because God is Holy. His Divine Graces empower us to be Holy when we so choose to obey God's will on earth as in Heaven by giving more to others than receiving, by giving mercy, forgiveness and love to others, by applications of truth, justice, honor, respect, duties, sacrifices, endurance, visions and all virtues that overcome all evils and illegal acts. Dated Sept. 2012 by Federico Cacnio.

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