Thursday, 4 October 2012

Bottomless Mercy of Jesus Christ

Bottomless Mercy of Jesus Christ is a $ Can 200 million worth of colors and Divine Graces and is a 20"x16" oil painting on canvass with a spiritual dialogue  between Jesus Christ and all repentant humble sinners who are asking God for Divine Graces that empower individual inner strenght of Faith, Hope and Love of God, of others and of oneself. It's a lifelong human freedom of choice for each person in prayers or in spiritual talks with God that we may receive His Divine Graces.

God in The Holy Trinity is one God in Three God Beings of God TheFather, God The Son in Jesus Christ and God The Holy Spirit who are in the same sequence are one God. This Absolute Mystical Reality is understandable only by God. Since all persons are creations of God and are imperfect, limited, contradictory and sinful people,  we all need the Divine Graces of God to overcome our daily trials and challenges. By the Cross and Resurrection of Jesus Christ, each person has the choice to be repentant, humble and to ask and apply His gift of Faith, Hope and Love to us. Faith is trust in God and in Humanity. Hope is optimism to transcend any and all negativisms, losses, sins, weaknesses, incapacities, sickness,  pains, hatred, destructions, ignorance, wrongful and sinful acts of wars, assaults, murders, genicides, bullying, and all criminal, legal and moral transgressions thru the Bottomless Mercy, Forgiveness and Love of Jesus Christ. Love is truth, joy, forgiveness, tolerance, service to others, giving more than taking, sincerity, honesty, perseverance, honor, duties, sacrifices, discipline and all the virtous.

In this painting, Jesus Christ says "Be still, feel my Divine Love. I am the Bottomless Mercy, Forgiveness and Love, Open your souls to me. I share my Eternal life and joy with all persons who practice goodfaith, Hope and Love. All Goodness comes from me. One with the Father and the Holy Spirit. Repent, Believe and do my will on earth as in Heaven. Your good spirits are with me since the Human creation. Do not doubt nor be afraid. I am with you at all times and along all situations thru the Holy Spirit". The community responce is "We do open our hearts and soul to you, Jesus Christ, King of Eternal Glory and Life."

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