Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Some Basic Truths

Modern Jesuit-like Paintings

What is Truth?

Truth is reality. It's either Absolute Truth or Relative Truth. Absolute Truth refers to God and His Creations. Relative Truths are those interpreted by the limited human minds and the situations are variable as much as each person is unique in thumbmarks and DNA.

Absolute Truth is eternal and perfect and become mystical realities to human minds. Human minds are imperfect, limited, contradictory and sinful. We may connect with the Absolute Truth by Faith, Hope and Love which rely on the Divine Graces of Jesus Christ coming from His Cross and Resurrection that conquers all sins and all deaths.

Human nature has fallen when since the beginning of Homo Sapein creation, man and woman rebelled against God by trying miserably to be equal or greater than God. How can any creations of God be equal or greater than the creator? Except Jesus Christ and The Holy Spirit who are one with The Father as One True God in The Holy Trinity. Because God says so.

Truth is partly poetry and science in motion. Since Jesus Christ is the Way, the Life and the Truth; therefore, Jesus Christ comes in realities of poetry and science in motion.

Eternity has no beginning, no ending , always is. Since Jesus Christ is Eternal Life with The Father and The Holy Spirit as One True God in The Holy Trinity, my soul and heart shares relative Eternity even now on earth whenever I choose to rely on His Divine Graces. Thus, the Holy Trinity dwells in my heart and soul, a living temple as well as in other Christians in this world and in Heaven.

Absolute Truth is Absolute joy. God is Absolute Truth with eternal joy. All of His creations are relative truths. Human creation are relatively dependent on His Divine Graces thru the Cross and resurrection of Jesus Christ in order to share His Eternal Life. All persons have the built in yearning to seek non stop happiness which can only be realized thru our sharing of Eternal life with God.

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